"GeoVLE is my vision for the future of personalised education. It aims to unite the best tutors, analytical software and online technology to prepare students for courses of their choice in a way that will encourage lifelong learning."

Kirstin Coughtrie, Founder



  • To encourage the development and evolution of the independent learner

  • To release the true potential of all learners

  • To inspire all students to be the best version of themselves

  • To encourage students to be lifelong learners

  • To provide students with the ability to cope with a rapidly changing world

  • To encourage individuals to work independently, in teams and lead teams and decide when is right for each.


GeoVLE is committed to being part of the solution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 “Quality Education” to ‘ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’. 

'According to the UNRapid technological changes present opportunities and challenges, but the learning environment, the capacities of teachers and the quality of education have not kept pace. Refocused efforts are needed to improve learning outcomes for the full life cycle, especially for women, girls and marginalized people in vulnerable settings.'

At GeoVLE we believe in education for the many and the few. We attempt to level the playing field by offering to disadvantaged students free small group tuition.

GeoVLE’s personalised virtual learning environment gathers student progress information through a range of non threatening and non invasive techniques that will allow us to build up an extensive learning profile for each student. 


Mentors use the information to design a unique and personalised pathway of learning experiences that best match the style, needs and interests of the student. During all activities, mentors will continually add to and adjust the profile as the student progresses, evolving with and in the best interests of the learner.


Making best use of existing online learning programmes, games, videos, quizzes and AI software in no way replaces the need for tutors and mentors, but demands the very best, most creative, empathetic, engaging, adaptive human beings. Something technology alone can never do. GeoVLE puts real educators at the heart of our evolving environment so they and their students realise their potential to create positive change in our world. 

We believe that children are part of solving the earth’s biggest challenges: energy, resources, climate change, migration, water, disease and global governance and importantly, education.


GeoVLE's independent learning strategy will uniquely position learners to tackle contemporary challenges, which require a new perspective.

'GeoVLE' : a virtual learning environment for a sustainable earth.

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