GeoVLE is an evolving virtual learning environment, founded in 2019 by online tutor, qualified teacher and homeschooling mother of 3, Kirstin Coughtrie, BSc, PGCE, MTA, FRGS, MCCT.  Our global and growing team of progressive educators, provide targeted learning through a bespoke and evolving online learning environment. A flexible and affordable alternative to formal and private education, our collaborative sessions can be accessed on demand from your smart phone, Kindle, iPad, desktop or community library.


We deliver 1:1 and small group sessions online supporting home learners and those outside of mainstream education due to personal choice, health reasons, shielding due to COVID, travel or those in specialised fields such as sports or the arts.


Kirstin Coughtrie

Founder, CLO

Terri Riddell

SOI Practitioner

Alessia Giroletti

Science, Maths

Amy Cottage

French, Spanish, Russian

Gilly Gray


Lauren Brooks

English, Humanities, Welsh

Jane Morley-Davies


John Carden


Judy Sumner


Ashley Martindale

Zlatan Pasalic

Music, Maths, SOI

Hannah Willcox


Sam Quakenbush


Jon White

Primary, Science, Maths

Become a GeoVLE Tutor

Be part of something really exciting

We are looking for forward thinking and inspirational tutors who will work with students to find the very best way forward for their studies. Our tutors need to be keen to really move students on with their learning as well as obtaining the grades they require.

GeoVLE is about innovation so don't be put off if you are new to teaching or even if you have limited classroom experience.

We look to reward our tutors by offering competitive rates of pay, flexible hours in an inclusive, equal opportunity environment. We especially welcome applications from those caring for children, returning to work or with restricted or limited hours available.

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