Evolving Learning Environments

GeoVLE's mission is to evolve an inspiring environment in which anyone can learn. Where educator and student curiosity are boosted by new teaching pedagogies, ed-tech software, realtime online tuition and gamification and set free from the boundaries of the classroom walls.


Where the human dimension remains at the heart of everything we do; inspiring and mentoring students to be lifelong learners and co-creators of the future of their education.

At GeoVLE, students log on to personalised, interactive and engaging lessons where they collaborate with other students and tutors from all over the UK. They come prepared to real time lessons with subject specialists having accessed 'flipped content' on their personalised VLE, which allows us to offer a world class experience without the heavy cost.

We use Canvas LMS for designing our bespoke courses and integrate the best resources to inspire and track student progress. Students and parents are notified of tutor feedback and course announcements.

We encourage and develop peer to peer feedback and student self assessment to build critical thinking, collaboration and digital literacy. We are excited to announce the integration of Peer Scholar into our courses and are working with Professor Steve Joordens of the University of Toronto to ensure evidence based research is part of the evolving platform we are developing. 

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