GeoVLE is an evolving online learning platform that bridges the gap between personalised, human-focused tutoring and a scalable edtech solution where students learn independently - the best of both worlds.




We encourage and develop peer to peer feedback and student self assessment to give opportunities for repeated structured practice for creative and critical thinking, collaboration and digital literacy. We are excited to announce the integration of Peer Scholar into our courses and are working with the Advanced Learning Technologies Lab to ensure evidence based research is part of the evolving platform we are developing.



We use MoodleCloud for designing our bespoke courses and integrate the best resources to inspire and track student progress.


Students and parents are notified of tutor feedback and course announcements.


StoryMaps are embedded throughout GeoVLE and allow learners to interact and immerse themselves in topics guided by the subject specialist through a variety of media at their own pace. Read more...

Sustainable Development Goals

All GeoScool classes go beyond the national curriculum and are run by experienced educators. Our Key Stage 2 sessions are themed around the UN's Sustainable Development Goals because if education isn't about ensuring a sustainable future then what's the point of it? Read more...

Seneca Learning

Seneca Learning is embedded within GeoVLE to support students to reach their potential in any GCSE or A Level course they study with us.


Students are invited to join GeoVLE classes on Seneca Learning and complete personalised assignments where our educators monitor progress and most importantly, use online live sessions to address gaps or misconceptions in learning they have identified by using the Seneca software. Read more...


Zoom lessons are, in many ways, superior to traditional classroom teaching.



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