Daily lockdown learning links Global Goals to KS2 curriculum

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To support parents during lockdown, GeoVLE are running small group classes online to inspire children to be creative, curious, busy and independent, and to question and ponder the world around them.

To encourage learners to think critically, creatively and sensitively about the world's most pressing problems, GeoVLE has been running live classes throughout 2020 around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Founder of GeoVLE, Kirstin Coughtrie is a homeschooling mother of 3 who recently left classroom teaching to focus on supporting students online.

I became a Geography teacher because I wholeheartedly believe it’s a subject that is more imperative than ever. I am excited that this year GeoVLE joins a global community of TeachSDGs educators working together to meet the UN 2030 Agenda to reach the #GlobalGoals whilst supporting homeschooling families who do so by choice or necessity through this global pandemic.

What can you expect when you sign up?

Each weekday we focus on a different goal and students can attend one or all 5 sessions a week, which is great as discussion times allow links to be made between each of the goals.

On Mondays the session focus is affordable and clean energy. The links to the KS2 national curriculum include, but are not limited to:

- materials and their properties

- states of matter

- the water cycle

- earth's natural resources

- light

- electricity

- working scientifically

- displaying and understanding data

Join our class on Seneca to get going with assignments and GeoVLE educators will track your progress, support you and set you stretch activities and challenges.

On Tuesdays the focus is global health and wellbeing. Links to the KS2 national curriculum include but are not limited to:

- how do we digest our food?

- what exercise do our bodies need?

- how do we have day and night?

- life cycles

- displaying and understanding data

- mental health and online safety

Wednesdays it’s learning more about the United Nations goal for every child to have a quality education. In these sessions learners are tasked with designing a school for their future:

- what topics, subjects or tests should we have?

- what is the role of the teacher?

- where should we learn?

- how do we know we are learning?

- what does the world need from education?

- what do people need from education?

Here are some of the things our 6 to 10 year olds have been coming up with:

Thursdays we explore and learn more about the United Nations goal for life on land. Links to the KS2 national curriculum include (but are not limited to):

- the natural world

- classification of living things

- plants

- habitats

- music, sound

- working scientifically

- numeracy: area, perimeter

- maps: scale, place

- world geography

Friday we learn more about the United Nations goal for clean water and sanitation. Links to the KS2 national curriculum include (but are not limited to):

- the water cycle

- living things and their habitats

- rivers

- working scientifically

- separating mixtures

- experiments

- working scientifically

- displaying and understanding data

All resources and assignments are accessed through your personalised virtual learning platform and there are weekly opportunities to check in with your tutors and peers.

Assignments are given personalised video feedback and students are given stretch and challenge activities following each submission.

Monday and Friday sessions are 15 minutes longer to include planning for and reflecting on the week’s learning; vital skills to develop independence.

Our prices are per family, so that siblings can join in together as well as parents, if they wanted to. We’ve found homeschooling parents are often keen to join in with their children to structure their day, get ideas and feedback from a range of experienced teachers and, especially during lockdown, have collaboration and friendships for their children.

Some families simply use the resources on our VLE and drop into live sessions occasionally. With the subscription, all the activities are recorded so you can fit them into your schedule on catch up too!

Classes start again on 1 February.

Be sure to sign up early to secure your place.

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