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Updated: Aug 14, 2019

When you subscribe to Geovle you join the Learning4.0 revolution in modern learning. We use the most cutting edge, highly academically regarded learning platforms, analytics, AI, games and a variety of media to make learning immersive, challenging, personalised and enjoyable.

  • Our experienced academic mentors guide and coach learners to reach their academic potential and hone their skills for the workplace of the future.

  • One to one tutorials support the small class sessions. Personalised postcards and packages of resources that arrive termly in the post make students feel valued and motivated.

  • Analytics and online marking using voice and video feedback is personal and differentiated for each learner.

  • Flipping the classroom by recording key lessons allows learners and their mentors to set an appropriate and differentiated pace to their learning.

  • Virtual breakout rooms allows collaboration between students in different geographical locations, widening their perspectives.

  • Graded online discussions allow every student to contribute their understanding at every checkpoint in the lesson.

  • Discussions allow students to learn from others and grow in their own confidence while the educator can instantly pick up on any misconceptions.

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