Linking Seneca Learning with GeoVLE tuition

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

GeoVLE is excited to announce that we are using Seneca Learning to support students to reach their potential in any GCSE or A Level course they study with us.

Students and tutors can access the Seneca resources from our website and our tutors can monitor progress and most importantly, use online tuition sessions to address gaps or misconceptions in learning they have identified by using the Seneca software.

This allows students to take ownership of the pace of their learning and make those online sessions with a subject expert more targeted. In this way, GeoVLE tutors make their sessions time and cost effective.

Seneca Learning is “The fastest growing homework & revision platform in the UK”, and their “smart learning algorithms are proven to make you remember topics better.”

Founder of Geovle, Kirstin Coughtrie said, “GeoVLE tutors use the latest online software and add the human dimension; creating learning pathways, setting personalised assignments and going over tricky concepts in a supportive and creative way.”

Seneca Learning have made their resources freely available supporting the learning of all students irrespective of their financial situation. This is a position endorsed by GeoVLE and supported through our Seeds of Change initiative, which offers free access to tuition to disadvantaged students.

Find out more about our exam tuition and home education support by browsing our website or contacting us for more information.

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