Introducing Jane

Updated: Feb 13

I am Jane Morley-Davies and I am an English tutor here at GeoVLE.

Having taught secondary students for the past 15 years in conventional establishments, both mainstream and Alternative Education Units, I have an awareness of individual learning styles and how to enable students to understand how they learn best.

I have a passion for the English language, how we communicate and how our language has and is evolving. I find that the use of technologies is enhancing this change and the understanding of communication.

I feel that fostering students’ creativity and enabling them to grow in their learning and beyond is key to their success, whichever path they choose in education and the workplace.

Online learning gives students a consistent, personal approach to their learning, knowing that they will never be ‘over-looked’ in a lesson, allowing them to work at their own pace and to be creative without fear of being ‘wrong’.

A major benefit of online learning is the amount of collaboration this technology affords. This enables students to network and discuss ideas with myriad minds and so are not constrained to the limited number of peers within a classroom of a conventional school establishment.

One only has to look at the success of institutions such as the Open University to understand that this type of learning works, so why not engage school age students in these methods, too?

The technologies available will only get better and the abundance of knowledge, thinking and skills, for both teaching and learning can be accessed and share by anyone and across nations, giving students opportunities most would never have thought would be possible for them.

Sign up for my Summer Intensive English catch up, so you feel confident and excited to return to the classroom in September.

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