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Updated: Feb 13

I never imagined a pandemic could be so liberating and positively life changing! Whilst working from home since March I’ve homeschooled my 3 children, maintained a teaching job, built an independent business and explored over 1500 miles of the British Isles camping and visiting friends and family. I’ve kept working throughout the summer holidays, tutoring, which I love, through the online learning platform I founded over a year ago. I’ve coached students from England, Scotland, Nigeria, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China and France and gathered an inspiring group of likeminded educators to join my team from Italy, Sri Lanka and all across the UK.

I am set on a mission to ensure my children and every single child in the world has access to a bespoke, nurturing, inspiring, holistic education personalised to their interests and based on solving the biggest problems the earth faces. Because if education isn’t about ensuring a sustainable future then what’s the point of it?

GeoVLE is an evolving virtual learning environment for the future of the world. And yes, my ambition is that big.

Why shouldn’t all children have access to the best educators irrespective of their postcode? Why shouldn’t educators be paid well? Why shouldn’t teachers be able to have inspiring, impactful careers and flexibility to care for and cater to their children’s needs? Why should all children be judged by the same outdated system?

Why shouldn’t education change?

Technology is amazing. There is no need to be scared of it. It won’t replace teachers but it will demand that we step outside our boxes and look afresh from a totally different vantage point.

We cannot use edtech to replicate a traditional classroom online. It’s criminal to use something as powerful as Moodle or Canvas or Microsoft or Google Classroom to post worksheets for students to download. To evolve we must change how we think about education and I want to show you one possible way of doing that.

Our VLE brings together the tools and resources that learners find most engaging and during our bespoke 1:1 and small group sessions, it’s the learners who are customising their own learning experience by co-creating material under the guidance of subject experts. It’s in those small group sessions they have a safe, inclusive, democratic space to voice their concerns, their ideas, their novel solutions. This ownership of their studies facilitates deeper understanding and their commitment to succeed.

We also integrate the most well researched peer assessment and collaboration tools to give repeated, structured practice of critical and creative thinking: vital transferable skills that will serve learners in their many, varied and yet to be invented career journeys.

The education system hasn’t changed in over 200 years. But we have: families, work ‘places’, jobs, technology… and all we need is already at our fingertips to fundamentally evolve. At GeoVLE we’ve taken the leap and we’re bringing ideas, tech, students and educators together in new ways..

There is still a role for school buildings to create safe spaces where students can interact with each other, have a voice in their local communities, play sports, be creative and get a hot meal. Vitally, these spaces should have access to the most up to date, reliable internet technologies where students, irrespective of their location, can access the best subject and industry experts, mentors and coaches to guide their on-demand, bespoke education in areas they are interested in and for which future businesses have demand.

Come and meet our educators, the parents, the learners who are already benefiting from doing education entirely differently - come and see what’s possible right now.


Edupreneur, Geographer and mum of 3, Kirstin Coughtrie is the founder of GeoVLE on a mission to unite the most empathetic educators and effective learning technologies to

✨bring bespoke learning experiences to every child

✨empower learners to take their studies anywhere

✨allow educators to have flexible inspiring, impactful careers

✨support parents who choose to home educate or supplement their children's education with the best resources, analytics and on demand tuition.

Kirstin has over 7 years experience in digital learning both in industry and in schools, using open source online technologies to design and facilitate learning experiences that flip the classroom and put students in the driving seat of their learning journey.

If you want to collaborate, please reach out. #togetherwecan

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