How will my child catch up on missed education?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

We asked English tutor and mother of two, Jane Morley-Davies to answer your most asked question recently…

"How will my child catch up on missed education?" This is a question that many parents will be asking themselves this summer as the time draws closer for all students to return to full-time education.

For those students approaching GCSEs, this is a crucial time – believe me when I say that ‘time will fly by’! I have said this to my year 10s & 11s every year for the past 16 years, few of whom believed me until Christmas came and, WHOOSH, mock season was upon them. ‘Miss – help me!’

Of course, exams are not the be all in a child’s education, but being able to think critically, problem solve and apply those skills is; which is what a thorough education should do, whatever the vehicle to that learning might be: English, Maths, Science, Geography, History etc.

What many children have missed out on is the reassurance that how they are learning is right for them. Teachers (like myself) can and have issued tasks, projects, worksheets and links to on-line learning platforms for those students who have not been able to attend school in person, but are you and your child confident that they have acquired skills and not just knowledge (which they have probably forgotten)?

Having two grown up children, I have been through the education system as a parent and teacher, and I shudder to think how I could have filled those gaps if I were to be in the position many parents are today. It is not that some parents have not got the skills to teach their own, but how trusting are your own children when looking at Mum or Dad as their teacher? I know that my household would have had a few ‘tantrums’ at this point – a bit like parents trying to teach their child to drive!

So, how to fill those skills’ gaps?

Schools will almost definitely have a plan in place to assess students when they return to gather data on ‘what’s missing’, but how effective will it be to then try to teach the set curriculum alongside plugging the gaps? I know, from experience, that I will struggle with my own students – the school day is not long enough! Many teachers might deliver after school sessions, along with the National Tutoring Programme announced by the Government. Schools will also have to find the remaining 25% if they are to partake of this scheme.

GeoVLE is a corporate member of the The Tutors’ Association and will be offering its services when the time comes, but as a parent and teacher, I’m not sure I would want to wait that long – even if the initial October roll-out were to happen.

Learning to learn and developing independent learning strategies is key to a child’s education and this will be key to enabling them to plug the gaps. Through skills-based learning, with relaxed sessions for younger students (who, very often, don’t realise they are learning new skills) to a more targeted Skills & Knowledge session for older students – all personalised to individual requirements – whether that session is with one or two others or eight – GeoVLE accommodates the child as well as the curriculum. We can help your child to regain confidence with learning again.

Book a welcome chat to find out how we can personalise learning for your family.

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