How to vote?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I've felt for a while that the world is in turmoil. Trump and fake news then the Brexit fiasco where the political system, in the home of democracy, highlighted its problems and issues. And now we are offered a choice: the election. I have never been a dedicated voter and I've never really been sure why. I have opinions so why was I not committed to voting; having my voice heard?

I listened to Boris Johnson try to force every conversation to getting 'Brexit done', not really offering any more; Jeremy Corbyn a polar opposite offering everything but Brexit and the Lib Dems with a very definite policy on Brexit but offering no choice to the people. I then listened to Michael Heseltine put forward the notion that voters should support the Lib Dems despite being a life long Tory heavyweight.

Why do politicians make so much more sense and seem so much more honest when they are in the twilight of their careers?

It strikes me that like the other large institutions (health, education, welfare) politics is broken. It has become dominated by sound bites, dramatic accusations and the need and desire to be self serving.

At its core though, it is a group of highly intelligent individuals who I'm sure were attracted to the job for the highest of reasons. So where does it go wrong?

Our system is fundamentally a two party system - sorry Lib Dems. But does that make sense? Everything that is involved in running a complex organisational structure is expected to be boxed up into two, just two, sets of thoughts, ideas and manifestos.

My thinking on this is not that simple. I have thoughts and feelings that are far more complex than can be boxed up in two packages. The democratic system in its basic form has existed for hundreds of years and now perhaps like the other institutions (like education) we need fundamental change for the technological revolution.

So how will I vote? I will go for the best of a bad lot.


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