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Updated: Feb 13

Instead of packing lunch boxes, many of us are charging Kindles and chromebooks and bracing ourselves for another round of home schooling.

After a subdued Christmas holiday, the coronavirus pandemic is likely to result in the cancellation of GCSE and A Level exams for the second time and the prospect of home school at least until February half term.

Our incredible teachers have been busy trying to bolster the unprecedented, at-home, distanced learning experience that our children are being forced to embrace, navigating what can only be described as the most unchartered of territories. Their work and commitment to teaching deserves the biggest eruption of applause from all of us.

Back at home, despite lessons learnt in March, it continues to be very challenging to support our children with their newfound necessity of online and more independent learning. Not only are millions of us working from home - attending conference calls, answering emails, writing reports at what seems to always be the most inconvenient of moments for our children - but when faced with their pile of worksheets, assignments, projects, incessant calls for help (perhaps suffixed with a tantrum or two), it’s… hard. Really, really hard.

At GeoVLE, we recognise this, not only as a teaching platform, but for many of us, as parents. Helping our children with homework and keeping them on top of their studies is a challenge at the best of times. It’s been years since we’ve studied The Tudors or done fractions, and usually the kids are far more versed in the topic of study and homework than we ever were. But in this climate, this week has felt near-impossible.

Schooling timetables were built with working-day timetables in mind for good reason - keeping income-earning and educational learning separate works for both parties. So this sudden confrontation of a new reality of juggling both is really hard - especially when we aren’t allowed to have anyone else inside the property to keep an eye on the kids.

For teenagers, it’s just as challenging - they are being confronted with a crossroads where they are being expected to perform independent learning at a much quicker pace than is normal, not to mention the lethargy many of the exam-age teens might be feeling now that they don’t necessarily have a clear target to work towards, the near future being very unclear for them.

Our tutors at GeoVLE offer homework study sessions and independent learning support for children of all ages, at an affordable price. The more school friends you bring along to a session the cheaper and more fun learning becomes! Our homework study sessions are geared towards helping a small group of children with their schoolwork now that they haven’t got such easy access to their teachers.

We will help take the pressure off you as parents and be sure to help the children complete their work on time.

In addition to personalised tuition, small group study sessions encourage independence - these are all about teaching students how to structure their days and use online tools to support their learning during the times that they aren’t in direct communication with their teachers.

The sooner students can learn to regulate their own learning and timetables, the easier this time will be for everyone involved.

Abigail, a mum and key worker from Hampshire said, “My 9 year old son (who normally would shy away from school work) could not wait for the next lesson! He was so engaged and inspired. The online tutors, Zlatan, Jane and Terri to name but a few are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Kirstin is great! She is very engaging and her smiley enthusiastic approach makes learning fun! The variety and expertise of the tutors is fantastic! Whether you are home schooling or using GeoVLE for some extra tuition, it is suitable for any age and I would highly recommend it!”

We recommend booking in for a free no obligation chat to find out how GeoVLE can support you through a range of one to one, small group and online learning services.

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