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Updated: Feb 16

When you don’t tell people that something is impossible, it’s not necessarily the case that they can do it, but they will often come up with amazing attempts. Children do not see the limitations, they often ask why something is not possible, genuinely confused at the fact they cannot do something.

We put barriers, limits and hurdles around us all the time. We limit our expectations and give up at a perceived impossibility. Who would have thought that we could suddenly find hundreds of millions of additional funding for the health service, or billions to support businesses and staff. The US have released trillions to support their economy. It would seem the impossible isn’t as impossible as we once thought.

Founder, Kirstin Coughtrie said, "Children, too quickly become restricted in their imagination and creativity by placing limits and barriers to what they can do. To develop creative, resourceful thinkers, we must allow our children to imagine, play and explore. To expand their minds, not restrict them. By allowing our children to investigate and explore the world around them, they will both grow as individuals and have respect for the world they are part of."

GeoVLE offers the opportunity to create, explore and invent in our GeoScool classes while still developing their key skills.

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