Experimenting learning in isolation together

Updated: Feb 16

"So the rule of the game is: together."

WHO Director-General, 16 March 2020

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, the World Health Organisation advises us that we need to be together. But how can we keep the learning engaging and interactions authentic whilst complying with current government recommendations?

Here at Geovle, recent symptoms of fever and coughs, though unconfirmed as COVID-19, means our household is in isolation for the next 14 days. Our home education topic all about motion kept these kids from going stir crazy today...

The friends, though miles apart and missing school today, devised experiments to test whether objects of different weights would fall differently...

They swapped their games consoles for toilet paper rolls (in abundance in most households right now), dustbin bags, elastic bands and toys of various weights and shapes and timed their makeshift parachutes falling repeatedly off their bunk beds. Their findings suggest further research is required and they're already writing down their questions to pose to our science expert tomorrow.

These boys love to move, so this topic suited them perfectly and they didn't feel lonely because they could learn together.

Whilst it is wonderful that so many edtech platforms are offering their content for free, it is essential that the critical human dimension is not lost.

At GeoVLE, experienced teachers personalise learning for the students in your care. We can design themes around your children's interests or prepare them for school entry or support them through GCSE and A Level exams.

These strange times give us the opportunity to rethink education.

Please continue to share our campaign with friends who can benefit from our services at this time.

Thanks so much for your support :-) Keep well!

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