Britannica School offers resources to GeoVLE students for free

These really are challenging times and as I read recently they can be seen to bring out the best and worst in humanity. Tales of stockpiling and people ignoring the suggested isolation. But maybe there is more to it, people are scared and worried by the threat they face and in those times we tend to revert to more basic instincts. The stockpiling of food is a natural reaction to protecting one's family and self in the light of challenges that we have no measure of.

People, when they are in times of trouble, tend to flock together, it’s our natural reaction to get together for comfort and news of the situation we are in. As days go on we will see more of the other side of our humanity as we get to grips with the new way we are asked to live. People returning to the health service, many organisations offering services for free and help groups set up using new technologies.

We were delighted that Britannica School has given GeoVLE students free access to their amazing resources in order to support the learning of all students irrespective of their financial situation. This is a position endorsed by GeoVLE and supported through our Seeds of Change initiative, which offers free access to tuition to disadvantaged students.

Our mission is to create an inspiring and evolving environment where anyone can learn. Our tutors skilfully pick the best resources to fit the interests and abilities of their learners

Britannica's interactive multimedia resources come in foundation, intermediate and advanced levels and can be customised to suit the learner and meet them where they are in their journey. This will encourage independence and a life long love of learning which GeoVLE tutors seek to encourage.

Let’s celebrate the positives and not criticise those that at the moment are in fear, but rather find ways to help and reassure them.

At GeoVLE we are providing daily GeoScool classes to help families continue to educate their children during these challenging times.

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