2020 Vision

Updated: May 11

We can see the future of education more clearly than ever

Founder of Geovle, Kirstin Coughtrie, recently spoke to Terri Riddell, our newest Study Skills mentor, about what attracted her to work with us.

As well as being able to work from home from her rural location, she also discusses the need for education to be more flexible, customised and able to equip students for a technological age.

As a lifelong learner herself, Terri has developed excellent organisational skills and a love of learning that she is keen to inspire in others.

She is confident that online learning will work well for students who “don’t fit in the box”, who don’t want to be forced down restricted pathways or have their choices limited.

If you’d like study skills support or more information about working with us, email info@geovle.com or call Kirstin on 07765707393.

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