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  Online Learning: Four Tips To Make It Work For Your Family

Much of the world has transitioned to online learning in the wake of the coronavirus. While online school is a wonderful resource, it can be hard to make the transition from the classroom to home, both for you and your child. Take a look at these tips to help keep your kiddo involved and engaged - while also keeping your sanity. 


Know that you don't need to have your child working for the same amount of time that they're in school. While much of school is spent in a classroom receiving instruction, there are also class changes, group work, lunch, break time, study hall, and more. If your child normally spends seven hours a day at school, that doesn't mean they need to be doing seven hours of work at home to keep up. 


Unsure of a concept being taught through online learning? Work to understand it with your child. Your little one will love seeing you learn right alongside them, and you'll be teaching them that it's never too late to learn something new. 


Encourage your child to tell you when they need a break. Remember, your child isn't just going through the transition to online school - they're also going through the transition of losing face time with their teachers, hanging out with their friends, and enjoying extracurriculars. Give them some extra breathing room to process any grief. 


Allow your child to tailor their education to their interests as much as possible. Work math concepts into baking, or work physics concepts into sports. When your child has the chance to explore their interests, they'll be able to learn in a way that sticks with them long-term. 


If your family is struggling through the transition to online learning, you're not alone. Reach out to us today at Geovle Limited to learn how we can help you and your child stay on track.


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