Daily interactive classes and personalised support for all learners at home...

Like many U.K. residents who are suddenly working from home, it's likely that you're trying your best to get your hours in at work while also trying to provide your child with the best home education possible.


We have online resources and live classes to help your family thrive as you navigate uncharted waters during this difficult time. 


  • Even group music lessons are possible online!


    40 min


  • Puzzles and games


    40 min


  • Themed sessions creating stories, poems, letters and more!


    40 min

  • Themed activities recycling bits and bobs you have at home


    40 min


  • History Then and Now


    40 min


  • Modern Foreign Languages


    40 min

  • Themed sessions exploring the world through science activities.


    40 min


  • Small group support to keep on top of school work. All ages and stages

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

    45 min


What parents are saying about GeoScool

Theme-based learning

We co-create with you and the learners in your care, personalised age and interest specific learning journeys. We put together termly packages of resources that link to appropriate and adaptive online learning games and interactive software to ensure you confidently support your children to progress across all aspects of the curriculum.

Top tips for home learning...
  1. Talk with your child about what subject areas they can tackle on their own, and where they may need your support. You may find that your child can breeze through their history assignments, but needs some assistance staying on task with reading. When you know where your child can fly on their own and where you need to help, you're able to have set times that you can dig into your own work. 

  2. Be sure to get fun time as a family as well. When you're working to get the most out of your child's blended online education and manage your own work schedule, it's easy for the day to feel full of work, from start to finish. It's important that you still spend time together as a family, even if that just means going for a walk around the block and not talking about work or school. 

  3. Stay in close communication with your child's teacher about where your child is doing well and where they need some extra help. While your child's teacher may not be able to tailor everything to your child's needs, they'll be able to look at overall feedback from parents to figure out where students need a little extra help. 


Home education and blended online education can be tough, but it's not an impossible task, even if you're saddled with working from home. At Geovle Limited, we're here to help you make the best of this time at home with your student(s).

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