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GeoVLE is an evolving virtual learning environment, founded in 2019 by online tutor, qualified teacher and homeschooling mother of 3, Kirstin Coughtrie, BSc, PGCE, MTA, FRGS, MCCT.  Our global and growing team of progressive educators, provide targeted learning through a bespoke and evolving online learning environment. A flexible alternative to formal education, our collaborative sessions can be accessed on demand from your smart phone, Kindle, iPad, desktop or community library.


We deliver 1:1 and small group sessions online supporting home learners and those outside of mainstream education due to personal choice, health reasons, shielding due to COVID, travel or those in specialised fields such as sports or the arts.



"GeoVLE is my vision for the future of personalised learning. It aims to unite the best educators, analytical software and online technology to prepare students for future careers in a way that will encourage sustainable citizenship."

Kirstin Coughtrie, Founder

What does bespoke learning look like?

Seyi (18) came to GeoVLE for some targeted tuition to help her prepare for a Geography A Level test. She stayed for over a year because she clicked with her mentor even after her A Level exams were cancelled. GeoVLE tutors are not just subject experts in their fields, but excellent mentors who coached Seyi on preparing for her university course in Psychology honing essay writing and study skills. She still drops in occasionally when she needs guidance and support in her independent study.


Henry (9) and Sophie (7) came to GeoVLE while transitioning from a UK school to living in New Zealand. Sophie said “it’s easier to concentrate with not so many people in a class”. They explored topics that interested them and worked collaboratively with learners older and younger than them, staying motivated and engaged in learning while their parents focussed on the logistics of an international migration!


James struggled with anxiety at school and benefited from coordinated support from GeoVLE mentors in science and Geography so he didn’t fall behind while he took some time out of school. He attended classes with a sleeping bag over his head some days but he felt comfortable to learn in a familiar, safe home environment and made excellent progress.


Ochie (10) has been home educated since arriving in the UK after finding school stressful. He thrived in the online collaborative environment, coming up with innovative solutions to the United Nations sustainable development goals, connecting with learners older and younger than him all across the UK and growing in confidence in himself as a capable learner. 


Erin (13) designed a weekly GeoVLE programme with her favourite mentors doing art on Monday, English on Tuesday, Science on Wednesday, Humanities and Music on Thursday and Maths on Fridays. Her mum had fortnightly progress meetings with Kirstin. Having been out of school for 4 years, this personalised package had her loving learning and more than anything gave her homeschooling mum the confidence to know her girl was right where she needed to be.


Sam (14), Lizzy (13), Janet (14) and Dottie’s (11) parents weren’t happy with the education system in the Middle East. They found GeoVLE and asked us to provide the girls with a comprehensive school day that would prepare them for the real world. All the resources they need are provided on an engaging MoodleCloud course designed just for them alongside 1:1 online sessions to prepare them to succeed in IGCSEs in all EBacc subjects. 


Lisa heads up her own training company and engaged GeoVLE to deliver training to her teachers on using new digital platforms. Our educators never stop learning and love sharing the skills we are developing in this new virtual classroom with others doing the same.


Joe (10) and Freddie (11) - school friends separated by COVID lockdowns - attended GeoScool all summer because they love science experiments and missed seeing each other in person while school was shut. In their GeoCommunicate sessions they wrote letters to residents isolating in care homes to cheer them up and were thrilled to receive replies. They were ahead of the curve when school got going again and we look forward to seeing them again in the holidays.


Leo (5), Ada (5) and Arlo (6) are home educated but their parents wanted to know they were “doing it right”. They felt their children were too young for online classes but use the GeoVLE platform full of resources to support their home learning program that they manage independently. When they submit a project they get video feedback from enthusiastic subject experts, which provides motivation and additional structure to their weeks at home.


Aidan, Mason, Juliette, Rory, Natalie, Isla, Max, Mikey, Izzy, Emily, Harry and many more aged 6 to 12 year olds attended classes in lockdown learning about how to create a sustainable future while keeping up to date with national curriculum requirements for their age groups. They weren’t aware of this of course as they were having so much fun. They didn’t feel “tutored” but were challenged every day to think outside the box, help each other solve problems, recycle things around the house and give their working parents a break from “home schooling” in lockdown. Their teachers were surprised how up to speed they were when they returned to the classroom. 


What makes us different from a tuition agency is our educators are truly innovative and don’t work alone. Our democratic approach involves learners, parents and all educators in the continuous improvement of our services. We record all our lessons and employ a lesson study approach to watch, learn from and improve our own practice and experience for the learners. Online pedagogy is a new art. We attract a new generation of educators willing to keep pushing the boundaries continually improving the way we mentor learners who choose GeoVLE for their alternative education. We look forward to designing your unique learning journey with us.

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