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My child needs support with one subject

We offer real time personalised support online from subject experts in Maths, English,

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Languages, Art, Music and more...

My child needs a full week of curriculum

We use industry leading software to support your children from Key stage 1 to A level with detailed analytics to track progress, engagement, collaboration and digital literacy...

I'm interested in a new way of home learning

Our independent learning strategy takes students beyond succeeding in exams to preparing them to participate fully and sustainably in the 21st century world... 


Canvas LMS Personalised learning

On demand parent progress updates

Assignment feedback

5* rated by learners and parents

Seneca helps make learning fun and faster.

Parents and mentors can track progress and address misconceptions quickly

All tutors have 2+ years experience and are DBS checked


Online Safety Trained 

Degree | PGCE | QTS

Founded by home schooling mother of three, who is also a qualified teacher and experienced online tutor

A really engaging and fun way to learn; especially during 'lock down'. A thoroughly professional service. My 10 year old son particularly enjoyed the small class sizes and being able to interact with the tutor and other children. I would definitely recommend this service.

How It GeoVLEd

GeoVLE provides individualised targeted tuition through a bespoke virtual learning environment that you can access from your smart phone, Kindle, iPad, desktop or community library.


We offer 1:1 and small group sessions using Zoom video conferencing technology targeting home learning and those outside of mainstream education for reasons such as behaviour, mental and physical health, travel or those in specialised fields such as sports or the arts.

We use adaptive analytical software that allows us to provide personal pathways for students from all backgrounds. We co-create with our learners an independent learning strategy to encourage autonomy.

GeoVLE aims to level the playing field offering blended tuition in a sponsored, affordable or free form, providing the benefits of private education at a fraction of the cost.


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